Stephen Gibson

Network Administrator, Resident Director

Shawn Hudson

Resident Director

Warren Ollis

President, Brookfield Director

Tolulope Olugbenga

Treasurer, Brookfield Director

Debangshu Bhaumick

Resident Director

Chappelle is a dream community where we have our sweet home with a lake back-drop. Since, we have moved in this community in 2016, we love each day and enjoy every moment. The community center has become one of the major attractions of the Chappelle residents. My special thanks to Brookfield Residential for making such a good modern facility. In my professional life as Chief Executive Officer of a Biotechnological Organization, I have curved some time which I want to spend on community work that will give me extreme satisfactions. I am also involved with different multicultural associations of Alberta. I have organized several cultural events in Edmonton with the help of our volunteers. I have raised fund for natural disasters, organized food donations for Food Bank of Edmonton, cooked and served food at Hope Mission so on and so forth. Thank you all for giving me this opportunity to serve as a resident director of Chappelle Gardens Residents Association. I will be happy to know your expectation and that will be my starting point for achieving any goal.

Charlene Barrett


Pamela McClenaghan

Resident Director

I've been a resident in Chappelle Gardens for over a decade now. We relocated to Edmonton from Saskatchewan in 2013 and purchased a house in Chappelle. At the time, being new to the city and having no idea what we were getting ourselves into, it didn't take long to realize that moving into this community would be our best decision ever. My children are 9 and 6, and we are all quite involved in our neighborhood. They both attend neighborhood schools and participate in weekly and summer programs at the Social House. We take in as much as we can as a family here whether it be joining up with neighbors to go skating, play some board games, see what crafts we can work on, or simply find a familiar place with a familiar face to watch a hockey game! We've spent many hours getting to know our neighbors and supporting our community in any way we can.

Rachel Skow

Resident Director

Hi, I'm Rachel! Chappelle Gardens has been home for me for over 7 years and the residence association building is my second home! If you're looking for me outside of work, you can find me walking my dog Harley along the paths, at the RA enjoying a sip (& stitch) or discussing the latest book I read, or hanging out with my neighbours in my backyard or theirs! I love giving back to my community, whether it be on the social committee organizing bottle drives for charity, flipping burgers at the Co-op grand opening, or just being a friendly at an event.... I love it all! I am here for the couples / singles who do not have kids and want to make the most of their HOA - and truly feel like this community is for everyone.

Kunal Mirpuri

Resident Director

Greetings, everyone! I'm Kunal, my family and I have resided in Chappelle Gardens for just a couple years. Despite this brief period, I've quickly learned why our neighborhood is considered one of the finest and is growing rapidly. As a self-employed person who values community and working together, I am driven by a strong determination to create positive changes. Being self-employed has given me the freedom to pursue not only my personal goals but also to actively give back to the community. Whether it's helping with local projects, mentoring new entrepreneurs, or simply being there for my neighbors, I'm always eager to help in any way I can. Whether it's providing guidance, sharing resources, or just listening to suggestions, I truly believe that small acts of kindness can make a big difference in our community. Thank you for allowing me to serve this wonderful community. Together, we can create a stronger, more supportive community where everyone can thrive. Please don't hesitate to reach out, and let's work together to have fun and get the best out of our lovely RA!