Lara Pereverseff

General Manager

I am unbelievably thankful to be joining the Chappelle Gardens team. I have been a resident in Chappelle Gardens for the past 5 years, and have previously served our community. My heart is for building community and connecting people together. When I am not working, I enjoy baking, reading, crocheting, and painting along with walking my two dogs along the community walking trails. I am excited to get to know each of you a little more, and to serve this beautiful community we call home.

Danielle Zarazun

Bookkeeper & Office Manager

Danielle is a dedicated individual with a passion for business. Her pursuit of knowledge led her to Okanagan College, where she earned her Diploma in Business Administration. Subsequently, she furthered her education at MacEwan University, completing her Bachelor of Commerce with a major in Accounting. Danielle was born and raised in Edmonton and has lived in the community of Chappelle Gardens since 2017. Danielle enjoys exploring the Chappelle Gardens community with her Italian Greyhounds, Aida and Luna. Danielle sharpens her piano skills and loves to cook in her free time. Danielle looks forward to seeing new and familiar faces at the RA daily!

Kaylie Thomas

Program and Events Manager

It's not often that you hear that someone loves their job. The CGRA gives me more than it takes... I love working here! I am so lucky to to be able to channel my creativity through my work. But the BEST part of my jobs is the relationships I have built and the friendships I have made in the community. I love a good challenge and working at the Social House has given me the opportunity to adapt to ever-changing circumstances, whether facing the struggles with the pandemic to navigating life with two young boys. Sometimes I wonder how I managed to land such a great, fun and rewarding job surrounded by amazing people. If you ever want to chat about events, programming or just life in general, I would love to add you to my list of wonderful people I met in Chappelle Gardens.

Lars Horselenberg

Events Coordinator

Hi everyone, I'm Lars and I'm from the Netherlands. Ever since I moved to Alberta, I've been a huge fan of the Edmonton Oilers, and I love attending and watching hockey games! When I'm not watching games, I'm either making music or going to concerts. I also like to travel a lot! I've been to loads of countries in Europe, seeing all kinds of cool stuff. But the best part of my life is being part of the Residents Association. It's like a big team of neighbors and friends working together to make our community awesome. Chappelle Gardens is such a friendly place, and I really want to help make it even better for everyone.

Grant Buswell

Parks Foreman

Grant has a passion for making the community a better place to be a part of. Part of how he accomplishes this is by making sure our facilities and spaces are safe and well maintained. He also loves music - all types and varieties. Grant enjoys the outdoors, and loves a good campfire.

Bansari Desai


Hi, my name is Bansari. I am a university student who loves waffles, strawberries, and ducks. I am exceptionally bad at soccer and cannot seem to improve. While I enjoy all the activities available at the RA, my favourite is our ping-pong table, so if you ever need a partner, just let me know ;) p.s if you’re struggling with saying my name, try saying it as bun-surrey :)

Neha Bali


Hi my names Neha and I’m in my first year in university for nursing. I’ve been at the Social House for a little over a year now and I love coming here with my brother and playing in the court with him. I love being outside especially in the summer time at the RA I love playing with kids and having a fun time. I’m happy to be connecting with community and seeing smiles everywhere :))

Laiba Sheikh


Laiba served the community as a volunteer prior to becoming a CSR and Summer Camp Counselor at our wonderful social house. She strives to spread kindness and positivity in the community while working with young minds creating a safe space for learning! She is a mama of 2 cats named Simba and Bumsi. She enjoys snowboarding, going on long drives while jamming out to some Drake!

Naazy Ahmadyar


Naazy comes from a big football background (playing and coaching), loves animals, and enjoys the outdoors, especially hikes in the mountains. She is super excited to host events and connect with the kiddos as she will lead our summer camps this year!

Prasanthi Gampalage


Prasanthi has lived in the Chappelle Gardens Community for 6 years. She joined our team in 2023 and her favourite part about working at the RA is getting to expand her knowledge about all our community members and their heritage! In her free time Prasanthi enjoys working on her garden and listening to Sri Lankan music! A fun fact about Prasanthi is that she is an awesome cook and is always experimenting in the kitchen! If you see her around don’t be shy to come in and say hi!

Shobha Dhanpat-Aquan


Meet Dr. Shobha, a research chemist from the beautiful Caribbean Island of Trinidad and Tobago. She enjoys travelling, hiking and scenic strolls with her family. Shobha strongly believes in work-life balance and is excited to be here to encourage physical, mental and emotional wellness for all. Her favourite part about working at the RA is meeting new smiley faces from all over the world. She is excited to meet you so don’t be afraid to stop by and say HI! 😊

Kattreis Abner


Hello! I'm Kattreis, a passionate introvert who finds joy in reading, dancing, and trying new things. As an avid reader, I love getting lost in different worlds through books. Dancing is my expressive outlet, and I enjoy the thrill of trying new activities that push me out of my comfort zone. Despite being an introvert, I do enjoy meeting new people and helping others whenever I can. Life, for me, is an ongoing adventure of self-discovery and embracing new experiences.

Dawson Haesch

Maintenance Team

Aidan Cray

Maintenance Team

Hi, my name is Aidan. I've lived in the neighborhood for about 5 years and help contribute to the community in my role as CSR and maintenance here at the Social House. I am currently in my last month of high school ready to graduate. When I'm not at school or work, I enjoy fitness and sport activities. My favourite hobbies are skateboarding, snowboarding, surfing, and hittin' the gym.

Nester Gnome

Chappelle Garden Gnome

Meet the curious little Garden Gnome who is constantly exploring what Chappelle Gardens has to offer. He and his feathered friend, Ruby, like to attend events, register for programs, and take full advantage of the amenities at the CGRA. Keep an eye out for all the fun things he gets into on our social media platforms or meet him at the Social House!