Get involved with your community!

How can I volunteer?

Contact our Program Manager ( to be invited to one of our quarterly Social Committee meetings. We discuss community initiatives, plan events and drives for charitable organizations, and event opportunities along with other resident volunteers.

What is the purpose of the Social Committee?

The Chappelle Gardens Social Committee is a professional, diverse and fun volunteer committee set up to actively help others and gathers together regularly. It is open to all residents, and assists with volunteering, projects, event planning, clubs, programs and provide support when required. The Social Committee helps build stronger relationships and makes Chappelle Gardens an amazing place to live.

Who can volunteer?

We welcome any resident over the age of 12 to join as a volunteer on our Social Committee.

What kind of volunteer work should I expect?

Our volunteer opportunities vary from assisting at designated stations during events, prep work for community initiatives, help to share news and spreading word on our cause and attending Social Committee meetings.