2024 Annual General Meeting

Hello Chappelle Gardens. We wanted to let you know that our AGM is scheduled for June 6th at 7:00pm. Full details have be included in the AGM package that was mailed or emailed to each household on May 15. We will be in person. Click HERE to learn more.

If you are interested in becoming an elected Resident Director and would like more information about the position, please contact Lara at 780-705-1815 or GM@chappellegardensra.ca.

The goal of the Chappelle Gardens Resident board is to assist with creating a culture of community in Chappelle Gardens and we are grateful for the gift of your time and talent to become a Resident Director and Community Ambassador.

Here are some ways for you to engage during your term as a Resident Director:

  • Share social media posts
  • Attend events at the Social house
  • Assist with event ideas/organization
  • Promote programs & events to your neighbours
  • Engage in positive manners on the Facebook group
  • Learn the customer service representative’s names and greet them by name when you are at the Social House
  • Make it a point to ask 2 community members about their experiences with the RA
  • Assist the Social Committee by planning or attending some of their events (these include knit a thon, local charity support, and events that promote community spirit)
  • Share skill sets you might have (trade skills, marketing, financial, entrepreneurship, etc…)

What can you expect during your time as a Resident Director:

  • Strengthened community relationships
  • Access to news and plans of community developments prior to them being public
  • Quarterly meetings held in the evening (one of which is the AGM in June)
  • Resume building opportunity
  • A name tag
  • Exclusive swag