Chappelle Gardens Developer Update

Here is the Summer 2022 Development Update:

·         The new Sundial Park in Stage 63 has now been completed. This new park stretches the length of Coughlan Green between Challand Lane and Coughlan Lane. The Gnome is a unique and ancient way to tell time and includes some beautiful landscaping – so come check out the gnomon to tell what time it is!

·         Construction of Stage 70BC (to the west of stage 41) and 76 (south of stage 68) will be developed this year.

·         The extension of 28 Ave is currently being constructed and will connect south towards Heritage Velley Trail.

·         A new Pollinator Greenway east of Carpenter Landing off of Chappelle Drive has been completed and we are hoping to see wildflowers soon and help the bees with a safe place for a food source and support all the gardens in Chappelle.