July 30, 2020

COVID-19 Update

We are excited to announce that, following guidance provided by Alberta’s Chief Medical Officer of Health, and in alignment with the City of Edmonton, we will be re-opening the Social House, in addition to the outdoor amenities and splash park which remain open. Though we are excited to offer more amenities, we will be re-opening in a limited capacity, under specific regulations, in alignment with Alberta Health Services.

Our goal is to create a safe environment for everyone, and by doing so, be able to remain open through the summer. In order to do this, as a community, we need to remember that, not only are we all in this together, but you are in this with your neighbors! Remaining diligent with physical distancing requirements and keeping 2 meters from others is critical, along with following and respecting the regulations CGRA has put in place. These regulations can be found below and will be posted around the Social House.

Hours of Operation

  • Park hours will be 10:00am- 9:00pm Monday-Sunday.

Access & Capacity

  • There will be limits on entrance capacity and we will stop admitting residents and guests when we reach this capacityAll entry will be first come-first serve. Our staff also reserves the right to stop admitting people at any time they view distancing restrictions start to become a challenge. To inquire about the current entry status, you can call the Social House at 780-705-1815.
  •  As per bylaw 19408 it is mandatory for masks to be worn for all indoor public places and therefore inside the Social House.
  • Members will be permitted to bring 3 guests per household as of Monday, July 6. All guests will need to sign in. Please note this policy is subject to change without notice.
  • The age of entry without supervision will temporarily increase from 12 years old, to 16 years old, because of the seriousness of this public health event and the caution we are taking. 
  • Residents must complete a pre-screening using AHS’s Self-Assessment Tool before coming to the park. In addition, everyone entering the park will be asked a series of screening questions before entrance is permitted.

Physical Distancing

  • Anyone failing to follow public health orders will be asked to leave the park. Extended loss of entry privileges may also result. Let us all respect one-another and enjoy the RA this summer.
  • There will be physical distancing lines marked 2-meters apart for the check-in lineup, and scanning of cards will be done with a 2-meter distance between staff and residents.
  • Our aim is to create a safe environment for everyone and remain open through the summer. Because of this, we will have staff observing and providing physical distancing reminders as needed.

Amenities & Programming

  • Rentals of outdoor equipment will not be available because of government recommendations on shared use equipment. However, residents can bring in their own recreational equipment for personal use.
  • All amenities are open at this time including the park, courts, and splash park.
  • The Social House Stride room will be available for room bookings as of Monday, July 6 for a maximum of 30 people. See Summer Room Rental Package to learn more. 
    • Guests of room bookings must abide by physical distancing restrictions, maintaining 2 meters of distance.
    • Due to changing COVID restrictions, room bookings may be subject to cancellation without notice.
  • Picnic table rentals are not available at this time. 
  • The Community Toolshed is open with additional sanitization and safety measures in place.
  • We will be starting programming for all ages with safety top of mind; activity-specific guidelines will be released with each program and event.
  • Summer camp registration is open with camps starting Monday, July 13th.

Sports Courts

  • Singles activities in pickle ball courts require users to maintain 2 meters of physical distance.
  • Equipment should only be shared by members of the same household or family cohort. 
  • Games on basketball courts are permitted only if they are with members of the same household or family cohort. These spaces are also open for casual use, for example, shooting a ball.  

Prohibited Items

  • Water play spray devices (e.g. water guns) are prohibited.
  • BBQs are prohibited.


  • The Social House will remain closed when not required for programs or room rentals. The outdoor washroom will remain open, with a sink and soap for hand washing. 
  • Hand sanitizer stations will be located near the check-in gate and near the playground. Anyone using the playground or splash park must sanitize their hands before and after using these amenities.
  • We will have an increased cleaning schedule to frequently sanitize all high touch surfaces.
  • Residents should limit food and drink brought into the park. Food and drinks cannot be shared among people other than those living in the same household.
  • Please place all garbage in the garbage bins around the park.

The health and safety of our residents and employees continues to be our main priority, and we will continue to follow all guidance from Alberta’s Chief Medical Officer of Health. We will continue to adjust these policies as new information and guidance becomes available, and provide updates as we do so. We greatly appreciate your understanding and support during this time.

Let us all continue to work together to keep the residents of Chappelle Gardens safe! If you have any questions, please reach out to gm@chappellegardensra.ca or 780-705-1815.