When is the Ice Rink Going to Open?

The number one question our team is being asked right now is “When is the ice rink going to open?”

It is a GREAT question, and one that we want to provide a little bit of community education regarding this exact question. The weather right now had been absolutely fabulous to enjoy however, it is not fabulous for the process of building ice.
In order to build the rinks, our team needs the following consistently for about 1 week:

1. A consistent overnight temperature of -10 degrees Celsius.

2. A daytime temperature that is in the negatives, and bonus points if it is cloudy.

3. No snow – we cannot make ice with snow flying, or on top of previously created layers. Snow creates air bubbles, and weaker layers of ice.

Before we can get the Zamboni onto the ice, we need to build up at least 2-4 inches of ice. Once we do that, the rinks are sturdy enough to maintain the weight of the Zamboni, and the final processing of the rink can happen buy building up the last bit to have a hard, smooth surface!

Keep checking back with us, as we will post it on our Social Media and website once the rinks are open.